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Equip your teams to keep pace and thrive.


Hiring is more challenging today than in past. Legacy and high-growth markets alike struggle to attract and retain high-performance talent. Hiring is further complicated by uninspired job descriptions, job roles that limit growth,, and overlooked candidates.


A well-designed, responsive team is diverse, not just in demographic factors but in experience and perspective. Inclusive teams bring long-term benefits and better overall perspective—allowing the organization to work better together and solve problems more effectively.


Ineffective communication, limits on knowledge sharing, and high rates of burnout are familiar challenges in teamwork. Some hierarchical structures give rise to posturing, hostility, and a lack of clear communication, with short- and long-term costs.


Culture underpins organizational success. At Spring Space we train individuals and teams to become the cultural ambassadors each organization needs. Culture best-practices encourage effective collaboration and maximize performance.

Why Spring Space?

We help teams adapt to rapid change.

Spring Space offers fresh organization-design perspectives and engaging experiences for teams, leaders, and organizations to meet new challenges affecting all aspects of work. Hierarchies and legacy systems serve a purpose, even today, but no longer assure success. When everything about organizations is undergoing transformation—from hiring practices, collaboration, and communication, to technology use, managing productivity, and innovation, each org’ will face unique challenges but also opportunities. The Spring Space team tailors engagements, processes/tools, and events to meet those challenges and drive success for your particular culture.

  • Hiring
  • Inclusion
  • Collaboration
  • Culture

Who We Are

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Laura Moschel

Executive Assistant
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Grace Moen

Event Production
Grace is a writer and event producer. It’s the choreography of technical elements woven with educational content that gets her out of bed every day.
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Tyler Welch

Event Production
Tyler’s specialty is all-inclusive trips tailored around unique, engaging activities that allow groups not only to experience new things but to interact with and get to know one another on unexpected, enriching levels.
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Todd Aetherwyn

Project Manager
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Ellyn Kerr

Org Change Consultant
Ellyn Kerr is a behavior designer and instructional designer for leadership, inclusion, performance, and culture initiatives.
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Elizabeth Salib, PhD

Research & Development
Elizabeth is a speaker, researcher, and facilitator identifying effective, evidence-based strategies to improve leadership and team processes. She specializes in inclusion and workplace masculinities in the middle layers of an organization.
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Willie Jackson

Inclusion Strategist
Willie Jackson is an inclusion strategist empowering thoughtful organizations and the leaders who run them. Founder and publisher of Abernathy, President and CEO of Equity Impact Group, and writer and speaker on workplace equity, global diversity, and multicultural millennial leadership.
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Robin Zander

Founder, Spring Space
With a background ranging from management consulting to circus performance, Robin has spent his career working with individuals and organizations to maximize potential. Robin founded Spring Space in 2015.

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