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How We Work

Learn the skills necessary for high-growth teams to keep pace and thrive


Hiring practices are broken. Legacy companies and high growth companies alike struggle to attract and retain high performance talent. Hiring is further complicated by roles which limit growth, uninspired job descriptions, and overlooked candidates.


A well-designed, responsive team is diverse, not just in demographic factors, but in experience and perspective. Diverse teams give rise to long-term benefit and better overall perspective. These teams can learn to work together to solve problems more effectively.


Ineffective communication, a lack of knowledge sharing, and high rates of burnout are each recognized problems. Many hierarchical structures give rise to posturing, hostility and a lack of clear communication. All of these result in long-term cost to companies.


All of these components shape a company culture. At Spring Space we train individuals and teams to become the cultural ambassadors each organization needs. Culture best practices allow collaboration to happen effectively without suffering the costs of unconscious bias, burnout, and ineffective communication.

Why Spring Space?

We help teams adapt to rapid change.

There’s a reason we’ve run organizations the way we have. Our old Command and Control operating model was well-suited for complicated and predictable challenges. Some of these challenges still exist today and may respond to the industrial-era practices that we know so well. However, as the pace of change accelerates, the challenges we face are becoming less and less predictable. Those practices that were so successful in the past are counter-productive in less predictable environments. In contrast, Spring Space teaches the tools to help teams and organizations thrive in less predictable environments.

  • Hiring
  • Inclusion
  • Collaboration
  • Culture

Who We Are

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Laura Moschel

Executive Assistant
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Kelsy Petrykowski

Project Manager
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Todd Aetherwyn

Project Manager
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Krista Schnell

Research & Development, Gender & Tech
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Willie Jackson

Inclusion Strategist
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Tyler Welch

Event Production, Founder Tyler’s Mystery Tours
Tyler’s specialty is all-inclusive trips tailored around unique, engaging activities that get a group to not only experience new things, but to interact and get to know one another on new levels.
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Rajkumari Neogy

Executive Coach, Founder Disruptive Diversity
Possessing a rare blend of techno-babble and touchy-feely, Rajkumari brings a keen insight and systems-thinking perspective to provide holistic and integrative solutions when addressing complex problems.
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Robin Zander

Facilitation, Founder Spring Space
With a background ranging from management consulting to circus performance, Robin has spent his career facilitating collaboration and accelerating learning. Robin founded SpringSpace in 2015.

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